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Aaaand Now For Something Completely Wireless – Perth Fringe World, Australia

Acclaimed improvised comedy quintet Racing Minds, conjure, from nothing, a 50’s-style comic radio-play!

The show is an improvised homage to the adventurous radio theatres of yore and it's delighted live audiences in attendance and listeners to our podcast - we record every performance and release our favourites as a 'real' radio play to over 500,000 Soundcloud followers.

As a genuinely improvised piece, complete with plot-relevant news broadcasts and audience inspired songs, every performance is completely different and unique to that evening. Every show features a guest "Foley Artist" (local and international guests in Perth) and our experience and interplay as a group means there's no such thing as a boring show! 

Old-fashioned microphones, sharp suits, greased hair... all the hallmarks of classic radio adventures with one unique twist: this time the audience is in charge.

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